Hi!  My name is Gwen and I am the creator of @dancefoodie.

I make original recipes that are power packed, quick grab and go baked goods that busy kids, athletes and dancers can eat on the run and WANT to eat because they taste great and make you feel great!

I know the importance of giving dancer’s foods that will fuel their dancer bodies.

I bake with Power Ingredients like:



Collagen Peptides


Hemp Seed

GF flour blends

coconut flour

Baking without gluten helps keep the inflammation down with a dancer who is recovering from an injury.

Choosing healthy food that is easy to consume out of a dance bag, school backpack, and off a convention ballroom floor is vitally important for our dancers.    All the enthusiasm in the world is not going to help you when your body has quite simply run out of fuel for movement and for recovery.    The food we choose to feed our bodies with an important part of what we see in the studio and on the stage.

This blog is dedicated to the all the young dancers out there creating and working hard and spreading so much goodness through their art and dance.   You all inspire me so much.  This blog is for the older dancers and athletes  who like to bake.

Finally, this is especially dedicated to the dance mommas who do it all and do it all for love!  You are my tribe.  You are my people.  These recipes are my humble offerings.  I hope these might give you a quick win in your busy, otherwise challenging dance momma week (life).  We juggle it all  because we want the best, for the people we love the most. We run around like verbs not nouns.

Let’s make and bake the good stuff our growing dancers will love to eat so they can fuel their bodies and dance their hearts out.