“The Power Parisian” a gluten free Strawberry Nutella Crepe Muffin-w flax & hemp

Paris, France!  When I was 16 I was fortunate enough to spend six amazing weeks in this magical city.  The trip changed my life and blew my mind.  Out of  everything I was exposed to in Paris …. the fantastic fashion, amazing art, architecture, and all the gorgeous Parisian women (ok, who am I kidding, the men were also more beautiful than I could ever hope to be),  and the incredible restaurants and culinary delights….what I remember most were the …. STRAWBERRY NUTELLA CREPES sold by street vendors throughout the city.  In fact, I believe this was my first introduction to Nutella and I have had a mad love affair with this glorious spread ever since.  These crepes were the most amazing things that I had ever tasted.  Knowing there were no strawberry Nutella crepes waiting to be eaten when I went back my small hometown in Alaska, (ALASKA!!!), I immediately set out to teach myself how to make a crepe so I could make the Paris magic last. I was a crepe making maniac for about a year!!!


Today,  I am a dance mom who lives in Wisconsin and my dancefoodie focus is to honor the flavor but in grab-n-go muffin form.

Once the school year begins so does my need to be able to literally grab and pack a to go meal for my busy dancer.   I race out the door to take my kids to the dance studio, always scrambling to get the girls fed before we jump in the car and head to dance.  So many good intentions (healthy food wise), have run amuck (is that even a word), because honestly, who has the damn time to be the perfect mom making the perfect food for their kids?  None of us.  MANY a day we have ended up in a fast food drive thru for a quick meal.  We literally have no time to think anymore, let alone bake.  Am I right or am I right?  BUT…. all that said, it also goes without saying that I would always prefer to feed the kids something healthy and quick over crappy and quick.  So….  making a bunch of these on a Sunday and freezing is the perfect solution. Storing them in individual zip lock bags in the freezer means it literally takes 2 seconds to pack in a lunch, or 30 seconds to microwave for a meal.

These muffins are made with power ingredients that take something from a food zero to food hero!  Instead of an empty carb and sugar snack, this has






These muffins contain organic ground Flaxseed, which is an awesome fiber source for those kids who are full of sh*t.  (please don’t be offended).  On that same note, baking GF also helps with constipation…. guess what paper mache is made out of?  White Flour and water.  Yep.  It’s really sticky stuff so you can imagine how eating it all day long can make it hard to poop.  It’s literally glue.





1 1/2 Cup Gluten Free (C4C) FlourIMG_0920

1 Cup Organic Plain Greek Yogurt

2/3 Cup Sugar

1/4 Cup Ground Flaxseed

1/4 Cup Raw Shelled Hemp Seed

6-7 Tablespoon Melted Coconut Oil

1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda

1/4 Teaspoon SaltIMG_0919

1 Medium Banana

Dollop of Nutella & Strawberry Jam

Toppings: Chocolate Chips


Bake 18 minutes at 375 Degrees

  • check regularly until tops are brown but not overcooked



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